Our Philosophy

Driftwood Acupuncture believes that access to maintaining one’s health is a fundamental human right. Our primary purpose is to provide an affordable and accessible platform for people to participate in the journey of their own well-being and longevity. Realizing this goal takes participation from both the patient and the practitioner in creating and maintaining habits that are conducive to restoring and preserving health.

At Driftwood we do medicine, not magic. Our goal is to help your body to heal itself, recognizing that the body is inherently intelligent. However, even the most profound systems need maintenance and care, and we're uniquely outfitted to understand and address this reality for our patients. Our ultimate goal is to work with you to establish a more homeostatic rhythm, so you can move through your world more comfortably.

Our Staff

Nick Kleespie, LAc, MAcOM

Licensed Acupuncturist, Owner

Traditional Chinese Medicine seems to have found me at a pivotal time in my life. It provides me a platform to connect with myself and my community in the way I'd always sought; by helping catalyze tangible and meaningful change. By integrating my personal and professional experiences, an insatiable appetite for more knowledge, and an innate drive to serve, I believe I can help others help themselves to implement positive change. Outside of clinic I spend most of my time with family, friends, and animals. I enjoy being outdoors, reading, and working with my hands.